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Quentin Morgan

Owner & Instructor 


Quentin is currently an active member in law enforcement and serves on his agency SWAT team. Quentin is a former Infantryman in the US Army. He served the majority of his Army career in a Reconnaissance Platoon's Sniper Section. 


While in that section he served as a Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, and Sniper Section Leader for the battalion. Quentin has combat deployments while serving in those positions to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While in garrison (CONUS) he additionally served on his Division's Marksmanship Team and trained multiple soldiers to attend Sniper School. All of the soldiers who attended the training for Sniper School graduated.


Quentin is a graduate of multiple combat focused marksmanship schools (LE and Mil) to include the US Army Sniper School. Quentin is also a currently certified FDLE Firearms Instructor.


While in the Army and in law enforcement Quentin has trained soldiers from different units, foreign forces, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and civilians on long range Precision shooting.


Quentin is always actively raising money for the Army Sniper Association,, and help equip military and law enforcement agencies with needed equipment for specialty teams. 


Quentin continues to shoot competitively in the Precision Rifle Series. Quentin is a Sponsored shooter for GCP Rifle Co., Manners Composite Stocks, and Fire-4-Effect Weapon Systems.


Joseph Heer


Joseph is currently an active duty Law Enforcement Officer. He has served 14+ years on his agency SWAT team in numerous roles including team member, sniper, and assistant team leader. Joseph represents his agency in Law Enforcement firearms/tactical competitions, and competes in IDPA, Action Rifle, and PRS when time permits. He has trained Law Enforcement, Military personnel, and civilians in the use of handguns, shotguns, carbines and precision rifle systems.

Joseph has completed multiple classes/schools related to combat marksmanship fundamentals & tactical operations including, but not limited to: Select Fire Weapons Operator, Hostage Rescue, Basic & Advanced Sniper, Designated Marksman, Active Shooter Response, Tactical Shield, and Low-light Carbine. He is also a currently certified FDLE Firearms Instructor.

He enjoys teaching responsible people in firearms related skills, and helping them to improve their own defensive capabilities. Joseph is always looking to further his own knowledge & skill sets. He is also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fly-fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

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