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Q: Do you do individual or group private lessons?

A: Yes please contact us to schedule your private class today.

Q: Where are you located at?

A: We do travel to conduct classes, however the majority of our classes are conducted at JTAC Ranch in Mulberry, Florida.


Q:  Do I need a custom precision rifle to attend your courses?

 A:  As long as your rifle can hold 1 Minute of Angle at 100y. Your rifle will be sufficient for the course.


Q:  Do you offer rifle rentals?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Do I have to take the Basic Precision Rifle Course to attend the Intermediate or Advanced Precision Rifle Course?

A:  No, but please read the course descriptions. 


Q:  Can my child attend the courses?

A:  Yes, a guardian must be present at all times.


Q:  Can I take the MIL/LE classes if I am a veteran or not serving in an active MIL/LE capacity?

A:  No, these classes are tailored for operational members of the MIL/LE community only. 

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