One-Day Beginner Precision Rifle Course


One-Day Basic Precision Rifle Course

This course is designed for new shooters or shooters with no formal training. The majority of this course is static and is not physically demanding. The course will include weapon setup, safety, manipulation, and maintenance, range rules, scope mounting and manipulation, understanding zero, intro to external ballistics, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Course Goals:

The shooter will learn and enforce the rules of gun safety. The shooter will be able to properly setup the rifle into working order. The shooter will be able to properly maintain their rifle. The shooter will be able to properly “zero” the rifle. The shooter will be able to obtain basic ballistic information to adjust for targets at various distances. The shooter will have a solid understanding the fundamentals of marksmanship. 

Course Length:

Approximately 8-10 hours.

Class starts promptly at 08:00 hrs.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Bolt or gas operated rifle capable of 1MOA of accuracy with attached bipod.

  • 6x powered scope or better with turret adjustments of 1 MOA, 1⁄2 MOA, 1⁄4 MOA, 0.1 MIL,

    or 0.2 MIL. The reticle should have MOA or MIL measurements but is not required.

  • Calculator

  • Ballistic Calculator (app or independent device) - GeoBallistics is preferred.

  • Rear shooting support AKA “rear bag”

  • Hearing protection

  • Eye protection

  • Chamber flag

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit

  • Recommended Equipment (Not Required):

  • Chronograph – MagnetoSpeed is recommended.

  • Weather meter - Kestrel and GeoBallistics are recommended.

  • Weapon tool kit

  • Shooting mat

  • Lunch (The will be breaks, however we will work through lunch)


Round Count:

150 rounds of match grade ammunition. Recommended factory match grade ammunition companies are: PRIME, NEXUS, HORNADY, and FEDERAL.



$250.00 per shooter
$100.00 per rifle rental. Shooter is responsible for ammunition.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be done 4 weeks in advance to the class date to receive a full refund.  Last minute cancellations will be refunded in its entirety if the slot is filled, otherwise shooter will not recieve a refund.