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Advanced Sniper Employment Course Description



The Advanced Sniper Employment Course is a 5-day (50 hour) class designed for SWAT/SRT Snipers. This course covers: long distance engagements, intro to high angle fire, advanced wind reading, hostage situations, alternate firing positions, low light/night engagements, loop-hole shooting, hide selection/setup, stalking techniques, target detection, equipment selection, Sniper selection, and team management.



Shooter MUST be active Law Enforcement serving on a SWAT/SRT team.  Shooter MUST be proficient in using a Sniper Weapon System. 


Course length: 

5 Days - Approximately 9-11 hour days.


Equipment Requirements:

  • Bolt or gas operated rifle capable of 1MOA of accuracy, with attached bipod. 

  • 6x powered scope or better with turret adjustments of 1 MOA, ½ MOA, ¼ MOA, 0.1 MIL, or 0.2 MIL. Reticle MUST have measuring capabilities. 

  • Calculator

  • Ballistic Calculator (Geo Ballistics app or independent device)

  • Rear shooting support AKA “Rear Bag”

  • Sling

  • Hearing protection

  • Eye protection

  • Chamber flag

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit

  • Tripod with ball head and vice/mount

  • Camouflage equipment and ”Ghillie suit”

  • Binoculars

  • Range Finder

Recommended Equipment (Not Required):

  • Chronograph – MagnetoSpeed is recommended.

  • Spotting Scope

  • Weather meter - Kestrel and Geo Ballistics are recommended. 

  • Weapon tool kit

  • Rain gear

  • Shooting mat

  • Suppressor cover 

Round Count:

500 rounds of match grade duty ammunition. Recommended factory match grade ammunition companies are: PRIME, NEXUS, HORNADY, and FEDERAL.


Call for pricing and location.

Weapon and Equipment rentals available,

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be done 4 weeks in advance to the class date to receive a full refund.  Last minute cancellations will be refunded in its entirety if the slot is filled, otherwise shooter will not recieve a refund.

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