“Awesome course! To say the least, today's course gave me a major confidence boost. Can't wait for the next class!!

Que and the Ghost Five cadre are extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional, and experienced. Highly recommend regardless of your perceived abilities.”

-D. Fuller



“Outstanding course! Great instruction! Q encouraged free thinking and for shooters to think outside the box. While allowing the shooter the make mistakes and have them recognize what they did wrong. This way the next time the shooter made the same or similar mistake they could fix themselves. It was awesome the see how he mixed 3 different worlds together (LE, Mil, Civ) to show how it can all relate. Instruction method was relaxed and informal and everyone had a great time. Big Boy/Girl rules apply and safety was paramount. I would recommend these courses to shooter of all levels. Be Brilliant at the Basics. 

 Great work Sir!”  




“Just completed the "Basic" class which was anything but. As an avid pistol shooter and new to shooting beyond 100 yards this class provided me with the skills and knowledge to hit targets beyond 800 yards within only a few hours. The mantra of "Consistency equals accuracy" is spot on. Whether you are a hunter or looking to get into long gun competition this class is a must have to establish a base of good marksmanship fundamentals or to re-focus a seasoned shooter on those same fundamentals. 

 I couldn't recommend this class highly enough as well as the cadre of instructors!”  

- A. Vickers



“I took the advanced precision rifle course and it was amazing. Q was very good at explaining everything and answering every question the group had. I would tell anyone that was wanting to get into precision rifle or to get better to take a class with Q.”

-Q. Kornegay


“Que is a fantastic instructor! I enjoyed learning from a true professional!” 

-C. Adamski


“I have taken both the 1 day basic and the 2 day advanced. The 1 day is a solid primer for precision shooting and the 2 day only builds upon it. No matter what level shooter you are you will find something to take away from them. Q will teach you solid no nonsense fundamentals that will improve both your confidence and ability. Class sizes are small and the instruction is outstanding.” 

-J. Hamilton



“I took Quentin’s 1-day Intro to Precision Rifle course and it was amazing. From helping us understand angular measurements, to proper body positioning, breathing and basic wind reading and adjustment; the entire class was educational and helped me push out and consistently ring steel at distances I’ve never been at before. I’m very much looking forward to taking his 2-day Advanced Precision Rifle course at some point next year. If you’re looking to get into Long range shooting, or simply hone your skills, and you live in the south Florida area then Quentin, and Ghost 5 Tactical, is who you want train with. Above everything else he’s a genuinely nice guy as well.”

-H. Ludlam



“Attended the one-day precision rifle course and can’t recommend it enough. Regardless of the prior level of experience, the class is not ‘basic’, it is the fundamentals that all serious shooters should take the time to revisit and test themselves. This class was an amazing entry for some, and a much needed realignment for myself. The instruction is too notch and adaptable to each student. Looking forward to more courses.” 

-T. Olmer



“The two-day advanced class was outstanding. As a novice competition shooter and a civilian I found that the instruction here brought our diverse class together by focusing on the fundamentals and making the lectures and practical components relevant and engaging. I am confident that if I put in the effort, review and retain the skills learned, and put in the practice time, I will be a better shooter and will continue to improve. In addition to first class instruction, the environment of learning and inclusion brought our small class from diverse shooting and professional backgrounds together for camaraderie that I honestly didn’t expect to encounter, but am better off for experiencing. Thanks again to Q for making this possible and for helping us to focus on the things we did right.” 

-M. Vragovic



“I took the one-day basic precision rifle course and had an awesome time! Q was able to provide a huge amount of information and techniques in a single class. looking forward to more classes and would definitely recommend this class.”

-A. Borowski