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Long Range Rifle 301

Shooter MUST understand all safety standards. Shooter MUST be able to zero rifle and operate scope without instruction. It is highly recommended that the shooter has some basic formal training in precision rifle or have attended our 101 and 201 Precision Rifle Courses.

This course is designed for the new PRS shooter or the hunter who wants to take their capabilities to the next level. The course begins with a refresher from our 101 Basic Precision Rifle Course. The course then transitions into a more complex curriculum that involves: offhand positional, tripod usage, barricade shooting, utilizing hold-overs and hold-offs, and Stress-induced Shooting Techniques.


*This course will require the shooter to be able to walk, kneel, and bend. You may always choose not to
do certain portions of the class due to physical limitation.


Course goals:
Shooter will become proficient in engaging multiple targets at different ranges in a short amount of time. Shooter will learn to employ special equipment to include tripods Shooter will become familiarized with shooting from barricades, standing, kneeling, and other obstacles. Shooter will implement stress reduction techniques to help defeat body fatigue or excited body shakes (“Buck fever”). The course will also help hunters identify their equipment and physical limitations to have an effective and ethical hunt.


Course length:
8-10 hours.
Class starts promptly at 08:30 hrs.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Bolt or gas operated rifle capable of 1MOA (1” at 100 yards/ 0.5” at 50 yards) of accuracy, with attached bipod.

  • 6x powered scope or better with turret adjustments of 1 MOA, ½ MOA, ¼ MOA, 0.1 MIL, or 0.2 MIL. No amazon specials or NCstar like optics. *The reticle should have MOA or MIL measurements but is not required. *

  • .22LR rifles that meet the above accuracy and scope requirements.

  • Paper and pen for note taking.

  • Ballistic Calculator (app or independent device)

  • Rear shooting support-AKA “rear bag”

  • Sling

  • Hearing protection

  • Eye protection

  • Chamber flag

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit


Recommended Equipment (Not Required):

  • Chronograph – MagnetoSpeed is what we recommend.

  • Extra shooting bags

  • Spotting Scope

  • Weather meter- Kestrel and Geo Ballistics are recommended.

  • Lunch Box

  • Weapon tool kit with all proper tools to mount and adjust your scope and rifle.

  • Rain Gear- We will shoot rain or shine.

  • Shooting Mat

  • Sun screen

  • Bug Spray

  • Tripod with ball head and vice/mount.

Round Count:
125-150 rounds of match grade ammunition. Recommended factory match grade ammunition companies are: PRIME, NEXUS, NOSLER, HORNADY, and FEDERAL.


Time, Cost and Capacity:

  • Approximately 8-10 hours.

  • Class starts promptly at 08:30 hrs.

  • $350

  • 8 Slots

Please go to to reserve your slot.

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